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     The Miniature Australian Shepherd or also known as Miniature North Amercian Shepherd is a smaller version of the standard size aussie.  The size range for the Miniature Austrlian Shepherd is from 13" to 17" and weighing between 15 to 35 pounds there is also Toy Australian Shepherds there size is 13" and under usually weighing between 8 and 15 pounds. Miniature Australian Shepherds come in the colors of Blue Merle, Red Merle, Black Tri, Black Bi, Red Tri and Red Bi. There eyes come in blue, brown, amber, two differnt colors, flecked or marbled. Their tails a either natural bobbed or they are docked.         
     These little dogs have the same mentality as the standard aussie just in a smaller package. The mini aussie are easily trained to suit your needs. Miniature Australian Shepherds are wonderful with the whole family.
     The Miniature Australian Shepherd is recongnized by the American Rare Breed Assn. They can be registered several different ways. These being with the North American Miniature Shepherd Club or the U.S.A.(NAMASCUSA),, Miniature Australian Club of American(MASCA) or the National Stock Dog Registry (NSDR).
     These little dogs are just all around wonderful dogs.

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Hall's Oak Ridge Miniature Australian Shepherds and Toy Australian Shepherds are raised in our home with our family and children. We strive to raise quality miniature and toy Australian Shepherd puppies. Our Miniature Australian Shepherds and Toy Australian Shepherds are registered with NSDR.
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Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds
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 Oak Ridge Maddox
Sire: Color Country Scrappy
Dam: Porters Shadow
 13 1/2" Red Merle Male

Oak Ridge Solo
Sire: Color Country's Tuxedo Cowboy
Dam: Prodigy's All That Glitters
15" Black Tri Female
Clear by parentage on: PRA, MDR1, HC
Rafter JM's Secrets of Sicily at WC
Sire: Timberline Secret Agent Man
Dam: Rock'N C Brilliant Ziva
16" Black Tri Female
Patch's Renegade Cash
14" Red merle male
Sire: Shelbly's Harley Outlaw
Dam: Jaley's Cowgirl Jessie